Antimicrobial Vehicle Treatment




What is an Antimicrobial Vehicle Treatment?

Antimicrobial Vehicle Treatments provide a barrier of protection for your vehicle’s surface. This treatment is the result of a covalent bond fixating itself to the surface it is applied to. Then, it cross-links to the base layer. Lastly, it creates a durable eighteen-link carbon chain. By creating a positively charged surface, effortlessly eliminates dirt and debris from the outside surfaces (or inside) of your vehicle.

An Antimicrobial treatment disrupts the life processes and biological function of germs or contaminating microbes. Since it disrupts them, this helps refrain them from further growth. The surface that holds the treatment solution begins to break down and clear the affected areas.

Antimicrobial technology penetrates deep into the fabric or other surfaces and kills off the microbes. This way, they can no longer reproduce, make food or eliminate waste. Frequent Antimicrobial treatments can have added health benefits as well as keep your vehicle clean and healthy in between sessions. Check out this video from our partners over at PermaSafe!

When you give your vehicle an Antimicrobial treatment, it’s almost like targeting a wider array of germs because the area you’re covering is so large. It actually has the ability to target 99.99% of the germs that may linger and make you sick. The process is so simple even a caveman could do it (ha!). It’s quick, easy to maintain, and can be used on various different surfaces. Your doors, the hood, inside of the vehicle, the trunk, and more!

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