You’ve been in a car accident, Now What?

1-3 times in a lifespan the average person will get into a car accident. Perhaps you already have. If you’ve recently been in an auto accident, here are some important tips.

Tip 1: Check yourself and passengers for injuries

If you or anyone in the vehicle is injured, dial 911 or ask a bystander to call emergency personnel to aid the injured passengers.

Tip 2:  Get to a Safe Location

Get all passengers to a safe location either the side of the road or away from a highly trafficked area. If you are able to move your vehicle to a safe location, do that as well with hazards lights on and road flares if accessible.

Tip 3: Call 911

In most cases, accidents are minor but some can be a major collision. Call the police so you can report the accident, those involved, and document the scene. The responding officers will work with those involved to fill out the accident form. If police are not able to come to the scene, you may go to the local police station when able and fill out a report on your own.

Tip 4: Exchange Information

After ensuring all passengers are safe and accounted for, exchange contact and insurance information with the other driver. Information you should receive is the following:

  • Take a picture of Driver’s license and license plate number with your cell phone
  • Passengers Names and addresses, and contact information
  • Full name and contact information
  • Insurance company and policy number
  • Make, Model, and Description of Vehicle
  • Location of accident

Tip 5: Document the Accident

If there were any bystanders as a witness, take down their information and any information they share.

Tip 6: Call Your Insurance Company and report the accident

It’s important to call your insurance company right away, in case you need the requested information and you can get it as soon as possible to support your claim.

Tip 7: Call a Reliable and Knowledgeable Auto body Collision Repair Facility

Call a reliable and knowledgeable collision repair facility. It can be a traumatic situation after a car accident, and you want to know you are in good hands with a trusting company. Fort Collision Services in Amherst, MA is a premier auto body collision repair facility that serves the Pioneer Valley and beyond.

 We put customer service and trust in us as # 1. We work with all major insurance companies and facilitate communication with them from start to finish. Contact us today, and know you will be in good hands, as we have your safety and investment as our top priority.